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Hoof supplements

"No hooves - No horse" is an old saying and a wise adage. Every horse is in need of some kind of hoof care, which hoof supplement is right for your horse depends on the horse's area of use and individual prerequisites. Bad hooves is common among all horses and ponies and can lead to practical issues such as hoof cracks, tap shoes and lameness.

To prevent theese things you want to add on some kind of hoof supplement to strengthen and build up your horse's hooves, everything starts from the inside. A combination of products that supports and brings all the essential nutrianses for optimal hoof quality and external hoof care that retains the moisture in the hooves is what you want to go for if your horse's got bad hooves. A farrier that does a good job is also importent for optimal hoof quality, a combination of all of theese factors will do wonders for your horse's hooves. 

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Pavo OmegaFit 1 liter
Pavo ProteinPlus - 7 kg
4Feet Plus - 1,5 kg

4Feet Plus - 1,5 kg

Science Supplements


MSM 100



No hooves - no horse!

Healthy hooves play a big role when it comes to the horse's wellbeing. As horse owners we can help by ensuring an adequate supply of all of the nutrients necessary to build a strong hoof.

Kiselgur Forte fodertillskott

Kiselgur Forte


Biotin Forte 3 kg, från Pavo. Hogsta Ridsport.






Hoof Aid Biotin - 1kg

Hoof Aid Biotin - 1kg



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