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Feed supplements for airways

Breathing supplements for horse helps with easier breathing and abate possible irritation in throat and lungs. Horses have got very sensetive airways and some of them are like us humans allergic to pollen and mold, which can cause irritated airways and perhaps the horse showing symtoms such as coughing. To help your horse with easier breathing and less risk for irritation you can provide it with a breathing supplement, we have got different kinds of breathing supplements depending on what your horse is reacting to. 

Notice that the stable environment can have a big impact on the state of your horse's lungs and airways, you can with fairly easy actions improve the enviroment by checking the ventilation system, a propper cleaning session, soak the hay and change from straw to chip.

Support your horse's airways with a breating supplement, you can find several different kinds online at Hogsta Ridsport. If you would like any guidance or help with choosing the right supplement, please contacts us at
 - info@hogstaonline.com

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Secreta Pro Max - 2,4 kg

Secreta Pro Max - 2,4 kg





Secreta Pro Max

Secreta Pro Max



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