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Travel boots

The use of travelling boots minimizes the risk for injuries on your horses sensetive legs while travelling, transporting boots also helps with giving your horse proper support during travels which helps to maintain the horses balance. 

Transporting boots is a simpel way to protect your horse against impact injuries or tramp injuries during travels, especially if your horse wears shoes and studs as the risk for injuries is higher. 

When using travelling boots it is important to find the right fit for your horse, the travelling boots needs to fit good around the legs so they dont risk to slither down. At Hogsta Ridsport you find travelling boots both with velcro tape and velcro buckle, all to optimize the right fit for your horse. 

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Mesh Travelling Boots - Navy
Mesh Travelling Boots - Black
Amigo Ripstop Transportskydd
Travel Boots - Navy

Travel Boots - Navy



På väg!

Så skyddar du din häst ben under resan med transportskydd

Transportskydd Mesh från Eskadron - Fossi

Mesh Travel Boots- Fossil


Transportskydd 4-pack - Svart - Full
Transportskydd 4-pack - Marin - Full
Bucas Tail Protector/Bag - Blue
Classic Wraps

Classic Wraps


Woof wear Svansskydd

Tail protector

Woof Wear

Stable/Transport Pads

Stable/Transport Pads


Gel Tail Wrap

Gel Tail Wrap


Bucas Tail Protector/Bag - Black
Tail bag

Tail bag

Woof Wear

Stable bandages and boots

Stable bandages and boots

BR Bieman de Haas

Royal Quick Wraps Leg Protection

Tail protector, bag

Hansbo Sport

Transport Leg Wraps

Transport Leg Wraps

Back on Track


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