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Softbit are something that is often used when the problem is that the horse has a sensitive mouth. Sure, it's worth a try, some horses love softbit and others do not. The most important thing is the fitting and your way of communicating by hand, whether you choose a traditional bits or a softbit for your horse.

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Nathe bradoon double jointed
Nathe-bett-Sprenger-Hogsta Ridsport

Nathe 3-ring bit


Bett-Sprenger-Hogsta Ridsport

Nathe Standard bit


Comfort Thin, 7.5 cm
Comfort Thin Bit, 6 cm
‘Softbit’ Curb Bit

‘Softbit’ Curb Bit

Globus Sport

Synthetic Eggbutt Bit

Synthetic Eggbutt Bit

Happy Mouth


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