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Chondrogen, glycosamine - 2,1 kg

Feed supplement Chondrogen, glycosamine.


Amount: 2,1 Kg
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Feed supplement Chondrogen, glycosamine.

The feed supplement CHONDROGEN 100 PRO contains hyaluronic acid, chondroitin sulphate, glucosamine sulphate and manganese sulphate and is a supplemental feed for the training and competitive horse as well as for the older horse.

Used to improve the joint status of the horse. Glucosamine, together with chondroitin and manganese, has beneficial effects on joint cartilage, hyaluronic acid helps with the density of the synovial fluid.

96 hours waiting period before competition.
Sizes 2100 g.

Commodity content (guaranteed content) per bucket; (14ml)

Glucosamine sulfate 5000 mg
Chondroitic sulfate 5000 mg
Hyaluronic acid 100 mg
Manganese sulfate 20 mg

Dosage: As a starting dose, 1 scoop 2 times daily per 500 kg body weight for one week. Then 1 scoop is given once a day for a week or longer. Once the desired effect has been achieved, 1 scoop every other day per 500 kg body weight is given as maintenance dose. The powder is given in conjunction with feeding. Tasty.