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Mesh combo cooler sheet - Navy

Mesh Combo Cooler Sheet is the perfect rug during the summer!
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Mesh Combo Cooler Sheet is the perfect rug during the summer!
The Mesh Combo Cooler Sheet can be used for multiple purposes, for examble in the stable and during transport. Ideal for cooling down thanks to its very light and beathable fabrics. It makes the rug perfect to use for drying your horse after training or bath. 

The cooler sheett is a combination og the fly sheet and the 3d spacer. On the back bart is the 3D spacer, which is a light but strong honeycomb structure that absorbs the sweat while keeping your horse dry. On the lower part is the mesh fly sheet fabric that does no only prevent bugs from bothering your horse but will also help with air circulation. The materials used for the Mesh Combo are specially designed, so hair doesn't stick to it, which makes it very comfortable to wear. 

  • Absorbs sweat and water, while keeping your hprse warm.
  • Fits nicely to the shape of the horse.
  • Hair doesn't stick to the rug.
  • Luycurious look and feel. 
  • 3D spacer technology.
Machine wash at 30 degrees. Do not tumble

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