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Likit Granola - Molasses - 550 gr

Likit Granola, molasses flavoured. 550 gr
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Likit Granola, molasses flavoured. 550 gr
Treat your horse with a tastefull and entertining experience with Likit. Likit refill is developed to prevent boredom in the stable and in the transport. Use Likit refill together with the Likit holder, to reduce stress and fidgety in the stable or as a tasty reward after training or competition.

Likit Granola contains tasty grains, including, corn, wheat, barley and oats. 

Likit focuses on maintaining high quality on their products, all proucts undergo strict quality controls to ensure that your horse or pony only has access to the very best.

This is only the flavoured bar, Likit Holder is purchased separately!

Flavor: Molasses
Weight: 550gr