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Electrolytes for horses 1500 gr
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Electrolytes for horses 1500 gr

Trikems Electrolytes contains what your horse needs to fill the depots from the sweat loss that occurs in connection with training. During the warmer periods of the year or during indoor training, there is a lots of sweat that needs to be compensated for the horse to be able to perform.

Trikems Electrolytes contains 1500 g of sodium and magnesium, which are necessary for maintaining the horse's balance between fluid and electrolytes. During physical exertion, the horse loses large amounts of sweat, which can upset the body's electrolyte balance and lead to dehydration.

The horse's sweat is hypertonic and contains a high concentration of electrolytes which must be added after loss. Imbalance between fluid and electrolytes can manifest itself through slow recovery, fatigue, impaired muscle function and impaired performance. Electrolytes can be advantageously given to improve the horse's recovery and performance during strenuous exertion and during more intense competition periods.

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