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WHIS - The successful brand founded in 2013 by Judith Hendriks. She was the one who created and designed WHIS and put it on the map.

WHIS is a brand that, among other things, sells communication systems, which enable a coach to give instructions to a student while he/she is riding.

There are many elite riders who use WHIS every day. Some of the ambassadors for WHIS are well-known names in equestrian sports such as the equestrian stars: Charlotte Fry, Charlotte Dujardin, Laurens van Liere, Monique Peutz, Diederick van Silfhout, Febe van Zwambagt, Amber den Heyer, Helen Langehanenberg, Adelinde Cornelissen, Cathrine Dufour.

WHIS is an established name in the global equestrian sport and is successfully deployed in more than 40 countries.

Some of the benefits that WHIS has:

Isolated private connection
  • The fastest connection speed without echo or resonance
  • The wide range
  • Can be used for multiple disciplines
  • Small and light
  • Easy to use/attach
  • Hygienic earphones and earphones that are easy to clean
  • Customize your own storage bag

WHIS is a wireless communication system between instructor and rider.
It always provides direct communication between the student and the trainer without noise, interference, echo or delay.

With us at Hogsta Ridsport you can buy a selection of WHIS products. If you need help with something or if you have questions, don't hesitate to contact us by phone +46 8-759 05 07 or by e-mail: info@hogstaridsport.com

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