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Affordable equestrian products from Lami-Cell, a Belgian company with a wide range of equestrian equipment. At Hogsta Ridsport you will find a small part of their extremely large range. If you are missing something here when it comes to Lami-Cell products, reach out to us and we will see if it is possible to order it for you.
When it comes to bandages and saddle pads in nice colors, Lami-Cell is a really good choice but they also have smart products such as the leather-covered cheek chain and much more that is very useful when riding and handling horses.

24 products

Fetlock boots V22 Youngster - Brown
Fetlock boots V22 Youngster - Black
Tendon Boots New Carbon V22 - Brown
Tendon Boots New Carbon V22 - Black

Lovely colors on bandages and saddle pads


Dressage boots Ventex 22 - White
Bamboo Stable Boots 4-pack

Bamboo Stable Boots 4-pack


WX-Tech Bandage Pads - Black - 45x45
WX-Tech Riding Pads - Black 32x45
WX Tech Riding Pads- Black - 28x45 cm
WX-Tech Riding Pads - Black - 25x45
V22 Protection Boots - White
V22 Protection Boots - Black
AH V22 Dressage Boots - White
AH V22 Dressage Boots - Black
Earplugs with laces

Earplugs with laces


Flughuva Aurora - Bordeaux

Aurora Ear Net - Burgundy


Lamicell Coolertäcke

Cooler rug WX - Black


Grimskaft Lamicell 4 meter - Brunt

Lead rope 4m - Brown


Grimskaft Lamicell 4 meter - Marin

Lead rope 4m - Navy


Grimskaft Lamicell 4 meter - Svart

Lead rope 4m - Black



Cooling Pads Lami-Cell

Källquist Equestrian


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