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Not only is KEP one of the safest riding helmets on the market, KEP also has a stylish design, extremely good ventilation and is incredibly light. Now you can buy your KEP Italia riding helmet from us, online or in the shop on Drottningholm.
KEP is one of the most popular riding helmets on the market, popular for both its stylish and comfortable design.
Here at Hogsta Ridsport you will find a range of the classic riding helmets from KEP, but also a range with lots of bling and decorations that really make you stand out from the crowd. In addition, you can design your KEP helmet almost completely according to your wishes in KEP's configurator and then simply order it from us when you are done with the design.

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Front Polish Cromo 2.0 - Black
Front Glitter Cromo 2.0 - Black

A riding helmet can be both safe and stylish, or what do you think?

Cromo Smart Polish - Black/Beige
Cromo Smart Matt - Black/Beige
KEP Helmet Bag - Black/Grey
Cromo 2.0 Textile/Glitter - Black
Cromo 2.0 Textile/Sparkling - Navy
Cromo 2.0 Textile/Velvet - Brown
Cromo 2.0 Textile/Velvet - Navy
Cromo 2.0 Textile/Velvet - Black
Cromo 2.0 Textile SW - Navy
Cromo 2.0 Textile SW - Black
Cromo 2.0 Textile SW - Navy/Chrome
Cromo 2.0 Textile - Brown
Cromo 2.0 Textile - Navy
Cromo 2.0 Textile - Grey
Cromo 2.0 Textile - Black
Cromo 2.0 Textile - Brown/Chrome
Cromo 2.0 Textile - Grey/Chrome
Cromo 2.0 Textile - Navy/Chrome
Cromo 2.0 Textile - Black/Chrome
Cromo 2.0 Mica - Navy
Cromo 2.0 Mica - Black
Cromo 2.0 Mica - Navy/Chrome
Cromo 2.0 Mica - Black/Chrome
Cromo 2.0 Shine - Navy
Cromo 2.0 Shine - Black
Cromo 2.0 Matt - Navy

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