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When you invest in visibility in the dark, EQUI-FLECTOR® has a wide range of reflectors in different shapes for rider and horse.
Here you can buy a reflective vest, reflective helmet strap or reflective hat for yourself, maybe even a pair of reflective riding gloves would have been something.
For the horse, you will also find a lot of things such as a reflective hood, reflective reins, reflective leg guards and a riding blanket with reflectors.
To make it extra fun, you can choose between neon yellow or pink on almost all reflectors from EQUI-FLECTOR®.

Visibility in the dark is an important safety detail for outdoor rides during the darker period. One reflector, or even better several, increases the possibility for motorists on the roads to see you and your horse before it is too late to brake.
If you want to be seen in the dark, get reflectors.

You can find all these riding and horse reflectors in our store at Drottningholm or online in our webshop.

25 products

Thin reflex vest for riders
Thin reflective vest for riders - Orange
Reflex riding gloves

Reflective riding gloves


Orange hjälmmössa med reflex

Helmet Reflector - Orange


EQUI-FLECTOR® gul ridhjälmsreflex
EQUI-FLECTOR® rosa ridhjälmsreflex
Oranger benreflexer till häst

Leg reflector - Orange


EQUI-FLECTOR® gula benreflexer
EQUI-FLECTOR® rosa benreflexer
Tygelreflex- orange

Rein Reflector - Orange


RyttarCompaniet Tygelreflex
RyttarCompaniet Tygelreflex Rosa
Reflexbrösta orange

Chest Reflector - Orange


Reflexbrösta - Klarrosa
Reflective exercise sheet

Reflective exercise sheet


EQUI-FLECTOR® rosa reflexhuva

Reflective Ear Net - Pink


Reflex luva till häst i orange

Ear Net Reflector - Orange


EQUI-FLECTOR® gul reflexhuva

Reflective Ear Net - Neon Yellow


Svansreflex till häst i orange

Tail Reflector - Orange


Equi-Flector Svansreflex - gul
Orange hjälmreflex
EQUI-FLECTOR Hat Band - Pink

Reflective Hat Band - Yellow


EQUI-FLECTOR Hat Band - Pink

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