FAQ - Wrong adress

When you order online from us, the address you have is registered with Klarna as the delivery address.
If you see the order confirmation that it is the wrong delivery address, it can be a little late to change the delivery point.

Contact us immediately and we will see if we can make a redirect.

When placing an order, you can leave a comment in the comment field for example.choose a different delivery point than the one that is preselected at your address.

To get a permanent change of the delivery address, you need to change the registration that is available at KlarnaThe delivery information we have on you comes to us from Klarna and cannot be changed by us.We can only change on-going delivery if orders have not gone away, but the next time you order, your previous information will be shuffled to us again and write over our changes.

If you have order in any other way, please contact us
Phone number. +46 8 759 05 07 or order@hogstaridsport.com