FAQ - Received Order Confirmation

When you order online from Hogsta Ridsport, an automatic received order confirmation is sent out from our system.
It is a confirmation from us that we have received your order.

We are now reviewing your order and checking that all goods are in stock or if it is an order item, when it will be delivered.On occasional occasions, it may be unfortunate that the stock balance is incorrect, as Hogsta Ridsport is a physical store and a web shop that has shares stock.

When you order riding helmets, boots or other specially ordered goods, we always need to ensure that your order is in line with what you have intended.

Once we have reviewed your order and seen that the goods are in stock and the price is right, you will receive an order confirmation.

In cases where an item is missing, to be ordered or there is some other uncertainty with your order, we will contact you as soon as possible.Should we not be able to give you a message directly, we will still contact you absolutely no later than 24 hours after ordering.

We are constantly working to improve our routines so that you will perceive us at Hogsta Ridsport as a reliable partner and supplier.