FAQ - Custom made

This is one of Team Hogsta's great favorite topics, own design, riding boots, riding helmets and more.

We at Hogsta Ridsport are well aware of the fact that special orders require precision and care, and we are committed to making you feel safe and satisfied with your order.
However, this does not mean that there are remorse or return rights on specially ordered goods.When the goods are made unique to you, we can unfortunately not take them back.We put all our energy into being right from the beginning instead.

If you want to order a custom made product, contact the staff in the store, phone numbe. +46 8 759 05 07 or

If you live near Hogsta Ridsport then a visit can help a lot.Here, all samples are collected so that it becomes much clearer to you, how the end product will look.

If you are a group of riders who want to come to a special time and make a happening of something that is as fun as their own design, then we will help you with that as well.However, it will require time booking, otherwise it will be difficult for us to give you undivided attention.

Even custom-made riding boots are specialty goods and to order these you need to come to us.In exceptional cases, it is also possible to order riding boots online, always with a feedback before the order is activated.
When ordering your riding boots, you need to make an appointment with Eva, who is the one who takes care of it.You also do this through the store.

IMPORTANT to know, for self-designed or custom-made goods, there is no right of withdrawal or return.