Hansbo Sport Varicex S Zinkbandage
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Varicex S - Zinc paste bandage

Hansbo Sport

This 10 x 500 cm zinc paste bandage helps speed up the healing of many types of injuries such as tendinitis, splints, windgalls, peritonitis and swellings. Each zinc paste bandage comes in a separate packaging and is moist for easy application. Once dry, the bandage becomes semi-rigid. Varicex zinc paste bandage can be applied directly onto skin, coat and wound. Does not need to be replaced for up to 7 days. The bandage must not be wrapped too tight! Overlap the bandage 50% as you wrap to prevent gaps from appearing. Once in place, the zinc paste bandage ought to be protected with, for example, a flex wrap. If the zinc paste bandage becomes loose, it must be replaced with a new one!
11.44 / pcs
Article number:JN-14-2848
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